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Kristina León Cuvée


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"A riveting must-read that transcends space and time." 


When astronomy genius Felix Monroe becomes the first teenage astronomer to combine modern technology with astrological science, he uncovers the location of a Mayan ruin in the Lacandon Jungle. By using the same method the ancient Maya practiced centuries ago, he creates a star map that could lead to an incredible archeological discovery if he plays his cards right. With a skeptical media criticizing his every move and no money to conduct the search on his own, he turns to a mysterious investor for help with funding and assembling an expedition team. 

Just when he thinks he has all the right pieces in place, Felix’s hunt for the ruins becomes riddled with conspiracy and danger as he braves Mexico’s rugged terrain and tries to uncover his investor’s true motives. Even when faith in his coordinates begins to wane and his closest friends start questioning his sanity, Felix will stop at nothing to see where his star map leads. It’s not a matter of how far he’s willing to go, but at what cost.


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About Me


One of the first things I tell people about myself is that I’m from San Diego, CA. I’ve lived other places since I left for college, but when someone asks me where I’m from, they can scarcely finish asking the question before I blurt out that fact. I do this because San Diego is the fifth member of my family. It shaped me into who I am, gave me a deep sense of optimism, and imbued me with a spirit of freedom and possibility that only a coastal border town can.

Some people say, “write what you know,” and in some ways I’ve done that with Monroe’s Map. I didn’t place the story in San Diego, but I know what it is to be half-White and half-Mexican, so I made the protagonist of my first novel a mixed-race Latino with a Hispanic mother and White father—just like me. I wrote Monroe’s Map to delight astronomy enthusiasts and take readers on a 21st century adventure to the near future and ancient past.

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“You can defy what is expected of you and write your own story.” 


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